Chat Rules and Regulations

  1. Deceptive behavior is a limitation here.bazoocam:
    • harassing others will result in vulgar and intimidating comments;
    • provoking other users of bazoocam users in relation to their color, birth, race, etc.;
    • degrade the dignity of others through text, image, or video chat.
  2. It is not allowed to behave in a shameful way with other chat partners:
    • talking and showing bare breasts faceless;;
    • abusing your chat partner with sexual harassment;
    • wanting to have sex or sexual intercourse virtually;
    • displaying body parts that are not socially acceptable;
    • displaying the genitals of the body;
    • touching, scratching, rubbing or placing your hands on your private parts
    • point the camera angle under your chest;
    • Do not engage in any sexual or physical intimacy activity.
  3. Viewing things that are unrelated or diverting the camera angle to anything other than your face:
    • to deflect the angle of the webcam towards the PC screen;
    • To change the angle of the webcam to another view;
    • to direct the webcam angle to any message;
    • Setting up emulators to confuse other bazoocam users.
  4. It is forbidden to send spam to the website with the following actions:
    • Displaying images of the ad in bazoocam chat or placing an ad in the field of view or sending text messages of advertisements;
    • placing external URLs in chats;
    • bulk messaging;
    • Convince your chatmates to follow some external URLs to promote a website or win votes for any result or poll for any purpose.
  5. About the Complaints
    • As reputable bazoocam users you can file a complaint against anyone who spams you or cheats or misbehaves others. When filling out the complaint report, you should send a screenshot to speed up the process. Our moderators are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • If we receive complaints from many different users against certain users, the mechanized system we implement will remove this user by itself. This mechanism goes through many factors when deciding whether to ban a particular user or not. Therefore, the operation is error-free.

However, our moderators will try all possible ways to control and ban violators, but we will still be grateful for your assistance in ensuring that our chat is free of spammers and violators. Thus, we can provide superior chat services.